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Why is design important?

Design is everywhere. It’s what drew you to the last item you purchased and it’s what made your shopping experience possible, whether at a local store or online. It drives whole business cultures and influences the attitudes of their customers.

What is design? Design can be viewed as an activity that translates an idea into a blueprint for something useful, whether it’s a car, product packaging, a graphic, a website or a process. The important part is the translation of the idea, though design’s ability to spark the idea in the first place shouldn’t be overlooked.

Good design begins with the needs of the user. Listening to our customer is always the first step. Our designers build on the results of that inquiry with a mixture of creativity and commercial insight. Although gut instinct is part of the designer’s arsenal, there are more scientific ways of making sure the design hits the mark – combining market research, user testing, prototyping and trend analysis.

The Meers Agency offers extensive design services, from logos, print advertising and package design, to digital media, mobile applications and website development. We understand the impact of design and approach each project as an opportunity to create world-class brands and product awareness.