Video Consultation Apps for Attorneys

Secure Video Consultation Platform

videoVideo consultations are a convenient, simple and direct way for lawyers to consult with clients through any smartphone, tablet or computer.

It is secure and confidential. It doesn’t require the purchase and maintenance of expensive hardware or software. And, it doesn’t require additional staff to manage administrative functions. Complete records of each call is saved securely as part of the client's record.

Our platform was created to connect you and your clients as quickly and easily as possible. In addition to video, we offer secure text messaging, plus a complete content management system that allows practices to determine what data they will collect from clients, set rates and availability, view call and revenue statistics and much more.

Benefits of Video Legal Counsel


  • No collection issues – get paid at time of service
  • Ease of interaction
  • Promote interaction between attorney and client (increase revenue)
  • No requirement to track time or generate a bill
  • A complete record of the visit
  • Collect and store data securely from your client
  • Bill the client for the actual time you spend on their issue
  • Reduce wasted time by missed appointments
  • Schedule your availability through the app


  • Pay for only the time you spend with your attorney
  • Easily connect with your lawyer from the comfort of your home or office
  • Save time away from your job by not having to travel to see your attorney
  • Solve legal matters quickly and thoroughly
  • Receive your attorney’s undivided attention during your video consultation
  • Improve your “legal position” – (wills, trusts, real estate questions, etc.)
  • Know your rights by connecting easily with your attorney

Video Consultations are Perfect for:

  • Securing New Clients
  • Follow Up Conversations
  • Discussing Case Strategy
  • Deposition Preparation
  • Reviewing Discovery Items with Client
  • Discussing Estate Planning
  • Reviewing a Client’s Case
  • Discussing Pre-trial Motions with Client
  • Reviewing State/Federal Guidelines with Client
  • Discussing a Client’s Injury Following an Accident
  • Receiving Photos or Documents
  • Discussing a Client’s Case with Another Attorney in the Same Firm

Why Offer Video Consultations?

There are over 170 million smartphones in the United States and consumers demand convenience and access to the things that affect their life the most. By offering a convenient way to connect with you and the attorneys in your practice, you can increase revenue, eliminate billing hassles and bad debt, get paid at the time of service and create a competitive advantage in the market.

Additionally, offering a mobile video solution allows your client the convenience of connecting with you without having to miss work or other important appointments in their life. They save time and money by connecting with you securely and conveniently through their smartphone, tablet or computer.